Greece - Athens Map

A map of Athens is always a useful tool for tourists since they always have a lot to see and they have no time to lose. Losing your way is not always so pleasant anyway. So, the following map of Athens and the surrounding areas may prove very useful for your transportation around the city center and the suburbs. It can give you an idea of where every suburb is located whether it is near the beach or the mountains of Penteli and Imittos, downtown Athens, the airport and the port of Piraeus. This way you will know if the distances are long or short and you will choose the best mean of transportation so as not to lose time.

Another map that will be helpful is one of the Acropolis, the famous Greek monument, so if you are visiting the archaeological site on your own, meaning without a guide, you will know where you are at all times. It includes all the main points of the incredible Greek monument situated on the hill of the Acropolis in Athens, including the Parthenon, the museum of the Acropolis, Herodes Atticus theatre, the theatre of Dionysos and so on. The specific map also includes a few more sites that you may find interesting such as the Panathenaic Stadium called Kallimarmaro, the library, the university and the academy which stand side by side, the national park and Zappion Megaron, all incredible sights giving us a touch of ancient Athens.

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