Map of Greece

If you are planning to travel in Greece any time soon then surely you will need a map of the country to know where you are going and where you are at all times. The specific map includes all the big cities (Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra and so on) and islands of Greece including the Cyclades, such as Mykonos, Santorini, Paros and Naxos, the Dodecanese islands such as Kos, Rhodes and Patmos, the Argo-Saronic islands such as Salamina, Poros and Aegina, Sporades islands such as Alonissos and Skiathos, the Ionian islands such as Corfu, Zante and Cephalonia, the northeast Aegean islands such as Lesvos and Chios and finally Crete and Evia. Have a pleasant stay in Greece and an incredible holiday!

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